Oliver and the Dinosaur of Wishes

Oliver and the Dinosaur of Wishes

Fabrizio Stefano Bravo Robles / Javier Gómez Santos / Paola Duchên / Patricia Gómez Santos / Rogelio Guedea

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Oliver is a boy who loves fish, buildings and playing in the park. Sometimes children ask him why he doesn’t have one hand. Oliver always forgets that he doesn’t have it, but grown-ups seem to always remember that. One day he hears about a dinosaur who grants wishes. What will he ask him when they meet? Oliver and the Dinosaur of Wishes is not just a children’s tale, it is a story designed to be enjoyed in company. Following Oliver in his adventures, in addition to traveling through a magical and fantastic world, means also facing the difficulties that one can encounter in their daily lives, and growing by learning from them. No matter how old you are, when you close the last page of the story, it changes you forever. 10

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